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1 Micron Diamond Lapping Films


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1 Micron Diamond Lapping Films

3M Diamond Microfinishing Film will allow you to finish that mirror polish for your blades. Whether you are working on finishing a straight razor for shaving or just looking for a mirror polish on your favorite EDC this is one of the finest options available. The 1 micron diamond lapping films are approximately 14,000 in grit equivalent. This will really allow you to complete refining your edge.

Each film will allow you to sharpen 5-8 knives depending on usage.

Your polishing strokes should be pulled away from the blade as you would with stropping to avoid damaging the lapping film strips. Use only the weight of the handle when using these films. Do not put downward force on the blade edge when using these films.

*Price is for a pack of 5 films.


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