ViperSharp Reviews

I’ve worked hard on creating a knife sharpener that allows you versatility and creates a great edge. The ViperSharp Reviews on this page reflect the opinions of those who have actually used the system. If you are thinking about buying one, why not talk to those who have for feedback?

ViperSharp reviews should be based on the merits of the product itself and while I believe as the designer that it’s a great product, I think you should hear from customer who think so as well. Here are a few of them for you to review.

“This is a great product, they come with 200 grain all the way up to 1200 and with leather as well. I was able to take a beaten knife and make it sharp again.super easy to use and i loved the clamp. Well worth the price and I would recommend to all friends and family.” –Caleb Grant

“Awesome customer service. Sent me a free Flint and steel kit with my top sockets !” –Colin Barry

“I received my ViperSharp system yesterday and absolutely love it. It is very easy to use and have sharpened multiple knives with it already. Thank you for making a great product.” –Jared Clutts

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