The Viper Sharp system will up your knife sharpening game.  The Viper Sharp has some really nice refinements.  First of all I really like the infinite height adjustment.  Other sharpeners have set height adjustments, so if your knife is too wide or has a different angle on the blade, then you end up reshaping the sharpening angle to fit the sharpener, and not the blade.  I also like how easy it is to flip the knife holder over, and how solid the knife holder is.  I’ve used similar systems where the blade has come loose before the job was done.  You pretty much are left with starting over with at that point.  So with Viper sharp you get a precise, solid knife sharpener.
James Lance
ViperSharp Knife Sharpener Kit Options

Professional Precision Sharpening System  

Let Vipersharp Professional Precision Sharpening System help you create the edge you need and keep it sharp. Getting a precision edge on your knife is not always an easy job, especially by hand. ViperSharp is a professional sharpening system that assists you in getting that edge you desire on any knife in your collection. Designed with the shortcomings of other systems in mind, the ViperSharp Knife Sharpener takes precision sharpening to a whole new level. Why settle for an inferior product that is “ok” when you can get perfection this easy?

Knife Friendly Knife Sharpener

The ViperSharp precision sharpening system will hold the blade secure without causing any damage to your blade. It’s unique clamp will hold onto your blade tight and at the perfect angle so the blade is not forced out of the clamp. The rubber enhanced gripping tips will ensure that a coated or polished blade will not be damaged while sharpening and the guide rod allows an ultra low profile that other systems only dream of. Secure it to a table or use as a mobile device but rest assured that you will get an edge that you need in record time. Stones swap out in seconds to change grits. Innovative designing allows you to swap the knife to the other side of the blade with ease and your angle remains the same as you complete sharpening the other side. The system will offer every option in hones from ceramic to diamond abrasives. You will be able to sharpen any surface you desire. If you want it sharp, you want it ViperSharp. Vipersharp is available as a diamond stone knife sharpener or ceramic stone knife sharpener to meet your needs. If you prefer to have both you can order with all available stones as well.