Why Vipersharp

I created ViperSharp (Get Yours Today) with the limitations of existing systems in mind. It was the brainchild of frustration from sloppy movement in some systems, limitations of angle and other shortcomings I found when trying to use something else. I set out with one goal in mind; to create a complete system that does a good job with little effort. ViperSharp is a high quality professional sharpening system that will give you excellent results every time with no slop and without the guesswork.

Video-What Makes ViperSharp Better?

ViperSharp improves Precision

  • Clamp is removable, making it easy to test during sharpening
  • Guide rod is held tight for an exact angle every time
  • Single screw for tightening
  • Stand and base is included
  • Clamp does not flop around or fall apart
  • Fingers are protected up away from the blade
  • Hone will not slip off edge and then nick the blade
  • Easy angle adjustment for sharpening at any degree
  • Stones easily swap out and are not set in the handle

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What can it sharpen?

We have worked to make a precision sharpener that will allow you to sharpen any knife you use or carry. Everything from a standard EDC pocket knife to your kitchen chef knives can be sharpened with the ViperSharp professional precision sharpening system. Go ahead and give it a try. We are confident you will be happy with the results.

Included With ViperSharp Kit

We have worked hard to make sure that you get a top quality product with everything you need to do your precision sharpening.  The basic system includes all listed below:

  1. Base for system (Will include sleeve receiving hole and two holes for securing to a workbench.)
  2. Upright assembly, including outer sleeve, inner adjustable post with rotating bearing, set screw, Clamp receiving block
  3. Two part knife clamp with padded grips
  4. Guide rod
  5. Stone Carriage (attached to guide rod)
  6. Your Choice of 5 Ceramic (Aluminum Oxide) or 4 Diamond Stones
  7. Clamp screw (5/8″)
  8. Hex keys for screw
  9. Metal lock ring
  10. Padded Plano GunGuard case

About ViperSharp

ViperSharp came about by accident. I’ve carried a knife as part of my edc for many years but I’m not a pro at keeping that exact angle to allow me to get the perfect edge I desire. I decided it was time to get a system that would help me get that edge I needed.

While I was able to do a better job overall, I noticed the systems on the market were still lacking in some areas. These issues caused frustration during the sharpening process. I wanted something better. My first thought was to improve on the system I had. It was a low end, $50 system, At the time, I had no idea there were other options out there. 

I started by trying to create a small add-on product for an existing system to improve one aspect where that system was failing to keep an exact angle while sharpening but as I started to work on that, I noticed other issues and problems. 

It wasn’t long and I realized I needed to improve more than just that one issue. So I set out to create a revolutionary new product. I figured, “why settle for only fixing one issue when I can fix all of them?” I know, it was ambitious but that’s how I roll. 

I spent over a year on the journey fleshing out the design. I created multiple prototypes and learned more than expected about designing and machining. And in the end I believe I created a simple, complete and innovative knife sharpening system that you are sure to love. 

The ViperSharp addresses all the shortcomings of the existing systems on the market. That was my goal. To create something I could be proud of. I wanted a tool that did everything that one would want when it comes to precision sharpening and to create something that would last. Personally, I’m tired of the trend of creating cheap junk that falls apart. I made ViperSharp to last a lifetime, or two!

With the ViperSharp system you get the perfect angle from infinite options every time. 

You won’t be disappointed and have to invest more in your system because it doesn’t include a solid base or other needed parts. 

Everything you need is included, except the knife of course. 

Vipersharp is made in the USA and is family owned. We stand behind our product 100%. We will fix any manufacturer issue for the life of the product. 

Currently Vipersharp is owned and run by one person, Mike Wood. Parts are machined in Sandy Utah and anodized in Salt Lake City, Laser etched in Ogden and Eagle Mountain and the stone for the base is supplied and cut locally.

What we found by accident is that the removable clamp is a big plus! At the time I created the ViperSharp, no other system offered that. It offers a great opportunity to test the sharpness of the knife during sharpening without removing it from the clamp and risk losing your angle.