What Are Lapping Films?

A while back, I had some questions about lapping films. Many were wondering what they are and what they are for. Lapping films are a flexible film with very fine medium adhered to them. The films are used for polishing metals. At least with the knife sharpening industry, that is what they are for. If […]

How To Properly Sharpen A Knife -ViperSharp & Ontario Rat

How do you “properly” sharpen a knife? Ultimately, the endgame is just to make sure it cuts right? Well yes, but there are good ways and bad ways to do everything aren’t there? There are better ways and best ways and there are techniques that will make things easier for you. So let’s talk about […]

The ViperSharp Journey

It started with an idea, a problem really. I wanted to solve one little issue with an existing system but soon i was creating something even bigger. I couldn’t stop at solving one issue. I had to solve them all. Now over a year later is finally coming to the world and I couldn’t be […]