The ViperSharp Precision sharpening system was created to give you the best option for a knife sharpener. It is not meant to be a gimmick, quick, do anything kind of product but rather a true precision tool that will give you the edge you need for a precision tool. Knives are not toys and for many of us are not just a throw away, disposable tool. They are an important part of our lives that help us with the lifestyle we live. They should be cared for and respected and they should remain sharp!

Available Systems

Ultimate ViperSharp Knife Sharpener System
Ultimate ViperSharp Kit
ViperSharp Professional Knife Sharpening System
ViperSharp Diamond Kit
ViperSharp Ceramic Sharpening Kit
Ceramic ViperSharp Kit

A proper Knife Sharpener will allow you to maintain, restore or create the edge you desire with ease and with precision. You deserve to have a system that will do the job without you having to work hard to get it and without undue cost. I have worked hard over the lifetime of the business to develop the best solution possible for sharpening.

ViperSharp System Feedback

I welcome your feedback about the system. Many enhancements have come from suggestions from customers. Continued improvements will come to the ViperSharp knife sharpener as more suggestions come in. I will work to improve everywhere possible and to add to the system whenever it is needed. This way we can be sure to work together to create the best sharpening experience available.