Soft Arkansas Stone -4×1.5×1.25


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Soft Arkansas Stone -4×1.5×1.25. (Includes plate needed for system)

Arkansas stones are a natural stone that comes right out of the earth. They are different from man made stones in several ways. They do not have a specific grit assigned to them but instead are rated with their own grading system. They are rated generally from medium to extra fine. A soft Arkansas stone is considered a medium grade stone for sharpening and is the most common used. The color of the soft Arkansas stone may vary from white to gray, black pink or marbled.

A soft Arkansas stone will offer a quick way to get yourself a sharp edge on your knives. While it will not polish the blade it will give a good cutting edge. This is a good medium grade stone for sharpening and will offer a great deal of help in achieving the fine edge you want on your blades.

*NOTE -Natural stone thicknesses will vary

I have discontinued using these natural stones for the ViperSharp kit. The natural stones can’t seem to be made to the exact measurements needed. Since the stone thickness is vital for a professional sharpening system to function 100% these stones will be available only as an add-on and you should keep in mind that a digital angle finder or similar tool would be highly recommended to assure the same angle as the other man made stones.

If you absolutely must ahve the Arkansas stones to use with your ViperSharp knife sharpener system and you understand the variance that will likely occur, email me and I can put some together for you while supplies last.

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