Johnson Level & Tool 1886-0000 Magnetic Digital Angle Locator


Johnson level 1886-0000 Magnetic Digital Angle Locator- 2 Buttons, With a Automatic LCD backlight for easy viewing, Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements, Angle displays in degrees, Has a working range of angle measurement of 4 x 90 degrees and a great magnetic base.

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A digital angle finder makes getting a precise angle easy with the ViperSharp. For those who desire perfect precision this is a must. This is a quality angle finder that will take your knife sharpener up a notch. Calculate any angle you want. Find the angle you need.

  • Automatic digit inversion
  • 2 button automatic LCD backlight
  • Ideal for all leveling projects
  • Automatic LCD backlight
  • Angle display in degrees
  • Magnetic base

NOTE: If this item is out of stock, we have another option for angle cubes here:

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