Fine Diamond Sharpening Stone 4×7/8


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For those who have desired a diamond sharpening stone for those higher end blades and steels this is the perfect solution. The ViperSharp diamond stone (hone, abrasive) will give you the edge you need no matter how tough your knife is. ViperSharp diamond stones are the perfect solution for sharpening your super-steel blades to a hair popping edge. They can handle anything you throw at them and will allow you to sharpen like a pro. Pick up your set today while the prices are low and enjoy even greater success with your system.

ViperSharp was created to improve your game when sharpening. Along with offering all the adjustment you could ever want, now you can do all your sharpening for any blade and not only get the exact angle you want but also be sure to have a stone that will last a lifetime and always be tougher than the edge you are trying to sharpen. Diamond sharpening stones will be offered in coarse, fine and extra fine. Get yours today! These stones will make sharpening so much faster for you no matter what type of blade you are sharpening.

Don’t forget the oil. When using diamond abrasives, oil does wonders to keep it gliding well and to help pull away the filings created in the sharpening process. Get yours here.

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