5 Piece Ceramic Sharpening Stone Set -3/4″


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ViperSharp Ceramic Sharpening Stone set for your V3 professional sharpening system! This set is the 3/4″ wide vitrified stone set. The coarse 80 grit stone is a great stone for re-profiling a damaged blade. The ViperSharp ceramic stones will give you an amazing¬†edge allowing you to move in increments as you sharpen.

Starting with the most aggressive 80 grit you can move through the stones to the fine 1200 grit stone to finish your edge. Most knives will not need the 80 grit option so be sure to use with caution as it will remove a lot of metal fast. If your blade does not need a major re-profile then the 220 is a great starting point for you. This grit will offer quick work on most blades and will get your edge to a good utility sharpness.

Once you have your edge utility sharp you can move on to the 400 and then 600 and finally the 1200 grit to finalize your edge. The ceramic sharpening stone set allows you to have each grit on hand or to keep an extra of each handy for use when your stones wear out.

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