220 Grit Ceramic (Aluminum Oxide) stone – 4″x1″x1/4″


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220 grit Ceramic (Aluminum Oxide) stone. (Includes plate needed for system)

These are great for small blades and for recurve bladse up to 8 inches in length. The narrow profile of this stone along with ViperSharp’s patent pending design allows constant contact with the blade no matter the shape. The edges of the stone will always be in contact with the blade even if the main section of the stone is not touching the recurve section. Keep your edge on all your knives and enjoy better sharpening. The ViperSharp precision sharpening system allows for exact angles all the time. With the 220 grit you will be able to reprofile most blades. It is coarse enough to get the job done but not so coarse to leave large marks.

This is the 1 inch wide version of this grit.

This stone will come attached to the back plate needed to work with ViperSharp precision sharpening system.


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