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1″ 1200 Ceramic Vitrified Aluminum Oxide Stone


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ViperSharp 1200 grit vitrified aluminum oxide stone. This sharpening stone is 1200 grit and measures 4″x1″x1/4″. It comes with the required attaching plate which allows it to connect to the ViperSharp system. This is a precision man made vitrified stone that offers a superior super fine sharpening option. The 1200 grit vitrified aluminum oxide stone is treated with a sulfuric treatment that creates a hard stone that won’t flame away and will function more like a 1400 fine grit sharpening stone.

This upgrade set of stones are 4 inches long (just like the other stones) and 1″ wide (wider than the basic stones)

(Includes plate needed for system)

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Weight0.125 lbs
Dimensions4 × .875 × .25 in