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Vipersharp Knife Sharpener with 5 Ceramic Stones and StropVipersharp Ceramic with Stone BaseVipersharp V# Case with Cutting Board Base
ViperSharpVipersharp V3 Ceramic Sharpening Stone setVipersharp 5pc Ceramic Sharpening Stone set
ViperSharp Diamond CaseViperSharp Diamond Sharpening KitViperSharp Diamond Stones

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The ViperSharp knife sharpener has changed quite a bit over the years as we continue to evolve and work to create the best knife sharpener available. This was the goal when we set out and we are not afraid to make adjustments as we continue to grow. The enhancements include base improvements, guide rod and lock ring improvements and improvements with the abrasives available. -Kickstarter press article on early stages of the ViperSharp

Street Insider -Kickstarter press release


I continue to work on the ViperSharp knife sharpener to stay on the cutting edge (pun intended) of the precision knife sharpening industry.