About ViperSharp

ViperSharp came about quite by accident. What I mean by that is simply that I did not have a goal in life of creating a knife sharpening system. I have just been a knife lover all my life. Not like some of you guys. I just always carry a knife. It’s a useful tool and it needs to stay sharp in order to be safe and useful. I’ve carried a knife for most of my life but wasn’t always great at sharpening it.

One day, while at a boy scout camp out with my son, one of the other fathers showed me a guided system that helped with knife sharpening. it was the first time I’d ever seen such a thing! I decided it was time to get a similar system that would help me sharpen my knives.

I had no idea at the time where that decision would lead. I spent around $50 and started sharpening my knives. While I was able to do a better job overall, I definitely noticed some flaws in the design. These issues caused enough frustration during the sharpening process that I decided I needed to do something about it. My first thought was to create an after market part to improve on the system I had.  

I started working on that product and while going through the process of thinking about what would work to improve it, I started noticing other issues. These design flaws started piling up and pretty soon, I was thinking about more than just one issue and one aftermarket part. I was thinking about addressing all of those issues and in order to do that, I would need to design a whole new system. 

I spent over a year on the journey fleshing out the design. I started with drawings to get the thoughts out of my head. Initially, I was thinking along similar lines as the product I had.

I was working with flat pieces of metal. I started creating prototypes in my garage and roped in a friend who had created his own product. he had some 3D design skills and so that helped a lot! Of course, the day came when I no longer wanted to wait for him to be available to get these ideas out of my head so I learned 3D design myself to move ahead faster.

This was the start of the ViperSharp Journey. I was now on a quest and i went to work with all of my creativity to figure out a solution.

Over that first couple years, I learned more than I ever expected I would about designing and machining. In the end, I felt like I had created a simple, complete and innovative knife sharpening system that addressed all the issues I had found and researched.

I’ve shared this story many times over the years through personal discussions, interviews and online and in videos. It has been an enjoyable learning process and I greatly appreciate the followers that have been loyal to the ViperSharp brand.

Vipersharp is made in the USA and is still a small family owned company. We(I) stand behind the product 100%. We will fix any manufacturer issue for the life of the product. I didn’t make it to sell back end parts that are built to break. I designed it to last a lifetime. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the stones won’t wear out. For now, we are still limited in technology but as a whole, you will have a great system that will do a fantastic precision job at sharpening any knife.

-Mike Wood
Owner/Designer -ViperSharp