ViperSharp Diamond Knife Sharpener System

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The ViperSharp Diamond Knife Sharpener is the perfect system for your super steels. Now you can sharpen those high end knives with precision accuracy. The diamond sharpening stones in this new kit will offer you only the best

Precision knife sharpening is important for anyone who uses a knife. The ViperSharp professional precision sharpening system will assure you a perfect edge every time. A sharp knife is safer than a dull tool that may slip or require more effort than needed for the job. The ViperSharp system will make sure you get the exact angle you desire on every pass. No more messy edges. No more sloppy systems. Just the perfect edge you desire fast  and easy. No need to spend hundreds of dollars to keep thing precise.

An upgraded ViperSharp kit, this order includes:

  1. Complete ViperSharp system
  2. 1200 Grit Diamond Hone 1” x 4” x ¼”
  3. 600 Grit Diamond Hone 1” x 4” x ¼”
  4. 400 Grit Diamond Hone 1” x 4” x ¼”
  5. 250 Grit Diamond Hone 1” x 4” x ¼”
  6. Leather strop
  7. Plano GunGuard Case
  • Made in The USA!
  • Compact Complete System
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Infinite Angle Adjustment
  • Blade Protecting Clamp
  • Easy to Use
  • Expandable

If you’ve been looking for a good solution to sharpen your knives, a precision sharpening system that will give you the edge you need look no further. Vipersharp is that system and will give you excellent results every time!


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