V2 ViperSharp Precision Sharpening System

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Find the latest version of Vipersharp that is currently available here.


Version 2 of the Vipersharp was a step up in the evolution of our product. This version of Vipersharp was discontinued as as we continued to improve the system.

Updated: 7/27/2017

In an effort to make a truly precise and professional sharpening system I have decided to stop messing around with natural stones. I understand they have their place and cane offer great results but their nature makes it virtually impossible to get exact shapes and sizes unfortunately. This means the Vipersharp will no longer use natural stones. Look for the V3 for an all man made Professional sharpening kit and soon the Diamond options will be available.

A professional precision sharpening system for your home or shop. Precision knife sharpening is important for anyone who uses a knife. The ViperSharp professional precision sharpening system will assure you a perfect edge every time. A sharp knife is safer than a dull tool that may slip or require more effort than needed for the job. The ViperSharp system will make sure you get the exact angle you desire on every pass. No more messy edges. No more sloppy systems. Just the perfect edge you desire fast  and easy.

An upgraded ViperSharp kit, this order includes:

  1. Complete ViperSharp system
  2. 220 grit 3/4″ ceramic stone
  3. 600 grit 3/4″ ceramic stone
  4. 1200 grit 3/4″ ceramic stone
  5. Soft Arkansas stone
  6. Hard Arkansas stone
  7. Black Arkansas stone
  8. Leather Strop
  9. 1 locking metal stopper ring with hex key
  10. Clamp screw hex key
  11. Plano GunGuard Case
  • Made in The USA!
  • Compact Complete System
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Infinite Angle Adjustment
  • Blade Protecting Clamp
  • Easy to Use
  • Expandable

If you’ve been looking for a good solution to sharpen your knives, a precision sharpening system that will give you the edge you need look no further. Vipersharp is that system and will give you excellent results every time!

*Changes to the system:

ViperSharp is continually evolving as needed. I have worked hard to update the system and improve it as much as I can and will continue doing so. I am working toward some upgrades with the stones that will be rolled out soon. As of 3/31/17 the oil in the kit is discontinued since it isn’t necessary and in fact I suggest using just water while using the stones and just soap and water for cleaning.

4/21/17 -Final update for the system – Today I updated the system to have three wider stones (3/4″) and the three narrow Arkansas stones and dropped the 80 grit coarse stone. I also updated the ring on the guide rod to a locking metal ring. This will be the final upgrade for this system so have at it and place your orders!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 3 in

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